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Korean Cultural Board Contest

2015-09-06 14:23

korean culture board


Korean Information Board Contest


Dear KPA Members,

KPA is hosting a Korean cultural festival on October 10 in celebration of the Korean book installation at the City of Pleasanton Library.  This was possible due to your generous donation of Korean books and support.

During this event, KPA will have several booths to introduce Korean culture to many visitors to the library. We are expecting a large crowd including representatives from Pleasanton Weekly, Korean Newspaper, Korean Consulate General of San Francisco, and Overseas Koreans Foundation.

In order to provide the information per booth, KPA is going to have a Korean  information board contest.  You can create a board alone or as a group. We encourage as many of you to participate. Once this event is over, we will rent out these boards for Multicultural events for schools in the tri-valley area.

Due Date: Friday, October 2, 2015

Where: KPA Office - 3958 Valley Ave., Suite A, Pleasanton

(Note: You can hand it to a Book Club Room Mom before the Room Mom meeting on Friday, 10/2)


  • K-POP/Hanryu
  • Kimchee
  • Hanbok
  • Hangul
  • Korean Food (besides kimchee as we have a board dedicated for kimchee)

You pick a theme from above and create your board on that theme   -  one theme per board

For example, if you picked kimchee as your theme, your board should include information on kimchee only.


  1. Use a Black Tri-fold board 36 in x 48 in
  2. Titles with a golden yellow border (See below for a sample)
  3. All information must be in English
  4. Points or Volunteer Hours – All participants will be awarded with point(s) and volunteer hours
    1. Individual Entry:

i.If you are a parent, you earn 1 KPA point

ii.If you are a student, you earn 2 KPA points

iii.If you are a book club leader, you earn 3 KPA volunteer hours

  1. Group Entry:

i.Parents can earn points but points will be divided by the number of participants. For example, if 6 moms worked on the board, then each will get 0.17 point

ii.Students can have a maximum of 6 students in a group and each student will earn 1 KPA point per student

iii.Leaders can have a maximum of 2 leaders in a group and each leader will earn 3 KPA volunteer hours.




There will be one winner per theme. Prizes will be awarded to the winners during the KPA Dinner Party in November.  Only the winner’s board will be displayed at the festival.


All entries submitted will not be returned.

All or any costs incurred are not reimbursable and shall be borne  by the person submitting the entry.




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