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[Important] Regarding Feb Book Club Meeting

2021-01-17 23:33
Hello Leaders! Happy New Year 🙂

I wanted to welcome you back and share information about the February Book Club meeting.

Due to the extended stay-at-home orders, KPA cancelled book distribution which was originally scheduled on Dec 26th, 

and thereby, there will be a different exercise for the February book club meeting.  

Couple of quick notes for you:
  1. Feb Topic: Dokdo, Beautiful Island of Korea

  2. Required Reading Material
    Please read Ten Truths about Dokdo, briefly explain and discuss at the meeting.

  3. Dokdo Song
    Please share this short song with your students.

  4. Dokdo Rocks Naming Activity
    Play naming activity for ice breaking! Share your screen page 1 which shows the shape of rocks in Dokdo.
    Have your students name each rock. You can go over the actual name on page 2 with your students afterwards.
    (You can either go to this link below or use the attachment to this email.)

  5. Dokdo Drawing Activity
    How to draw Dokdo Island, wildlife habitat (marine creatures, birds, plants), etc.

  6. Dokdo Quiz
    Come up with questions mostly from the video https://dokdo.mofa.go.kr/kor/pds/video_list.jsp?idx=2477&pagenumber=1
    All students are required to watch this video before attending the meeting, so that they would be familiar with the content.
    * You may also come up with your own fun and interesting questions as long as they’re related to Dokdo.

  7. No Book Reports for Feb, but please submit a brief summary of the meeting 
    Please send me 1 page as a PDF attachment, must include the following:

  • Group Name / Your name / Date / Name of Attendees 

  • Topics discussed

  • Description of Activities 

Please note that you do not have to finish all the activities listed above. Please keep in mind the 55 minute time frame.

More suggested materials are attached to this email. You may review and incorporate them if you want. 

Unfortunately, most of the materials are in Korean however, you can auto-translate to English.

On the bottom right corner, you’ll find Settings. Click Settings→ Click Subtitles/CC→ Choose Korean (auto-generated)

→ Then you will be able to see Auto-translate→ Just choose English and you’ll be able to see English subtitles. 

That’s it for the February book club meeting!

As always, thank you for your support and all that you are doing to help out KPA book club during this uncertain time.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

KPA Book Club Leader Coordinator,
Christine Lee 이영희 드림