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2014 KPA Book Club Leader Training

2014-08-29 22:09

Dear Leaders,

Hope you had a great summer and kicked off a new school year with enthusiasm.

This is to invite you to KPA's annual book club leader training. All book club leaders are required to attend the leader training. There will be two leader trainings offered during a school year. One is in the fall and the other is in spring. If you miss a training, your privilege to be a leader will be prohibited. Furthermore, you will NOT be eligible to receive KPA scholarship.

In preparation of this training, please bring following items as listed below. The documents listed below (#2 & #3) can be found at http://www.trivalleykpa.org/kpa/leader-%EA%B2%8C%EC%8B%9C%ED%8C%90/

1. Writing instruments

2. KPA Leader Contract (Please do not sign)

3. KPA Book Club Report       

Hope to see all of you at the training.


Karen Rhee                                                                     


LOCATION: 3958 Valley Ave. Pleasanton