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교육원에서 주최하는 동영상대회 안내

2016-11-24 00:19


교육원에서 주최하는 동영상대회 안내를 드립니다.

아래의 내용을 참고하셔서 학생들의 적극적인 참여를 유도해주시면 감사드리겠습니다.

1. Theme: What I learn(ed) in Korean Class  주제: 한국어 수업시간에 내가 배운것들

2. Length: 5 minute-long, Korean or English (Korean-audio+English subtitle, or English-audio+Korean subtitle would be a plus)

길이: 5분 전후, 한국어 또는 영어 자막 가산점

3. Eligibility: Any Students in Elementary, Middle, High School and College. No Restrictions in nationality/ethnicity.(Team up to 5 px, single participant is ok)  한국어를 공부하는 초,중, 고, 대학생

4. Direction: Create the video -> Upload on YouTube -> Register at ,  비디오 제작-> 유튜브에 업로드 -> 교육원 홈페이지에 등록

5. Award Certificate(상장) + Prize(상금)

 - Grand Award(대상): $300

 - Gold Award(금상): $200

- Silver Award(은상): $150 (for 2)

- Bronze Award(동상): $100 (for 3)

 - Choice Award(인기상): $100

6. Deadline: December 9 (Friday)

12월 9일 금요일 마감

7. Award Ceremony: December 28(Wed) at 11am

At the reception Hall in Korean Consulate in SF

시상식: 총영사관 리셉션 홀, 12월 28일 수요일

8.Inquiries : 415-590-4058


Korean Consulate Education Center in San Francisco(KECSF) hosts a Video Contest about Korea every year.

This contest aims to promote Korea, draw students’ attention to Korean culture and history and motivate students to learn Korean language.

The contest is open to all students who are in elementary/middle/high/college school and the winners of the contest receive certificates and additional prizes.

Please find the flyer and the information below,and kindly promote this event to your students.

Your considerations and the supports are greatly appreciated.