Bay Area Event

Bay Area Event

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Lecture for the Korean American Youth

2016-02-15 19:29

[2016 Beyond Your Limits]  

 Lecture for the Korean American Youth


- When: 

2월 27일, 토요일 Feb 27th,  Saturday 



- Where:

실리콘밸리한국학교 Silicon Valley Korean School

(10100 Finch Ave., Cupertino, CA 95014) 


-초대강사 Guest Speaker: 다프나 주르 (Dafna Zur)

스탠포드대 동아시아언어 및 문학부 교수, 전 계명대학교 국어국문학과 교수

Professor at  Stanford UniversityEast Asia Languages and Cultures

Her research focus is the children's literature of North and South Korea, and she teaches courses on Korean literature, film, and popular culture. Prior to Stanford, she taught for a year at Keimyung(계명) University in South Korea. A scholarship and fellowship recipient from the Korea Foundation, UBC, and the International Communication Foundation in Korea (among other awards and honors), she has published journal articles, contributed chapters to academic publications, presented papers at national and international conferences, given invited lectures and workshops, and translated short stories and books.


-주제 Theme/Subject:

왜 우리는 한국어와 한국문화를 배워야 하는가?

"Why we need to learn Korean language and culture".


-대상 Target:

베이지역 중학생 및 고등학생 Middle and High School (Korean American) Students in the bay area

(*간식과 음료가 제공됩니다. Snack and drink